Funeral Plans

What is a Funeral Plan?

A Funeral Plan is an efficient and cost effective way to protect your loved ones from the emotional and financial implications of dealing with matters at a demanding and stressful time. There are many providers who claim to offer “Funeral Plans” but these can be little more than insurance policies which pay a fixed amount. Often this falls short of what is needed to cover the funeral director’s costs, leaving the family with the worry of finding the outstanding amount themselves. Our Funeral Plans guarantee all of the services in each plan are paid in full at the time of need

Let Secure Legacy help you find comfort and peace of mind in the knowledge you’ve minimised the impact your loved ones will have to face in the future. We take pride in demystifying and making simple an uncomfortable subject. We will fix the cost of your funeral director’s services at todays price, potentially saving your family thousands of pounds

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Funeral Plan Options

We have a range of Funeral Plans for all budgets and requirements. Working with the country’s leading providers we offer a choice of pre-paid, monthly instalment and insurance backed plans to choose from. The information on the plans below is only a very basic guide to the services they include. We can explain the plans in detail and the merits of each in the comfort of your home to find the one best suited to you

  • Pre-arrange the funeral directors services in advance
  • Specify your wishes regarding hymns, music, readings and any special requirements.
  • Three payment methods to choose from

  • Acceptance guaranteed, no medical or health questions to answer
  • One phone call at the time of need will take care of everything

Funeral Plan Payment Options

Once you have a plan in mind, choose a payment method

Plan ahead now to protect the things you've worked hard for

Find out how you can secure your legacy by booking an appointment with a local consultant or simply ask us a question. Call free on:0800 040 7191